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    VR900 D9 crashes when MSI U180 netbook connects

    Model : VR900 D9

    Hardware Version : v1

    Firmware Version : 0.9.1 1.5 v004c.0 Build 170119 Rel.66992n

    ISP : [/COLOR] : Plusnet

    MSI U180 Specification
    CPU Intel® Atom™ Processor N2800/N2600 Series
    OS Genuine Windows® 7 Starter
    Chipset Intel® NM10
    Bought 2017 08

    The MSI has been connecting fine for years to VR900 D9 and previously Netgear router. Yesterday, connecting both by ethernet and wifi lasted just a couple of minutes before the the router gave up, so that my the MSI and my PC lost connection to the internet. The lights on the router were on when I ran to check. It usually takes a minute for the router to reboot so it probably had not rebooted. The log on the router showed nothing other than the normal records - no errors or anything different. The router diagnostics showed nothing.

    I then tried upgrading the ethernet driver on the MSI to a brand new one (2017 12) and for a few minutes I could see the rest of the LAN on the MSI screen and it connected to the internet so it looked promising. Then suddenly my PC and the MSI lost the internet. I pulled the ethernet cable from the MSI, logged into the router and the Basic screen showed me it just reconnecting. My PC bounced back.

    I decided to try the MSI wifi once more, but it led to the same dopping of connections.

    Any idea would be much appreciated
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    I'm currently using the netbook and the wifi in a cafe and it connects just fine.
    I've no idea what their router is, but it clearly works with my MSI.

    So, my MSI has worked fine at home for years. Nothing has changed in the TP-Link router configuration or firmware for a very long time, but suddenly it doesn't work properly.

    The MSI is a lightweight netbook and normally is only used away from home, but I do connect at home occasionally to update it on a fast connection. This means it isn't connected very often and it has probably not been connected at home for a few months.

    So, has there been a Windows update in the past few months or so which could have knocked it out ? (It has Windows Starter edition)


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