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    Archer C7 NAS Drive through USB not showing folders or correct capacity

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    When I connected my WD Passport (1TB, USB 3.0) to the back of my Archer C7 and proceeded to the router's webpage, there were some problems with the drive's information under the USB settings tab:

    - The capacity of the drive and available space were shown to be only 196 MB. There are hundreds of GBs available on the drive!
    - The folders of the drive are not visible for me to set up.

    The drive works perfectly well otherwise, I can access all the files on my computer through the drive. I even set up the files on it using a Plex media server with my computer, however, recently I thought hooking it up to my router would be a better idea as I don't always keep my computer on, and definitely don't have the external drive with me at all times.

    By the way, it is partitioned into a backup portion and a storage portion for media, each comprising of 500 GB. It is formatted in exFAT.

    What am I doing wrong? Is it an incorrect setting on the router's webpage or a missing step? Or do I have to reformat my drive?

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    I figured it out. Archer C7 does not support exFAT.


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