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    ER6020 - Port forward problem with Access Control enabled

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    1. ER6020. Under access rules a number of rules (total 10) are configured with ALLOW. The last rule ie. rule #11 is a BLOCK ALL rule from ANY in Source LAN to ANY. All services are blocked so that only the services allowed in rules 1 to 10 are permitted. This works perfectly.

    2. However the moment this rule #11 is added, the ports forwarded under Virtual Servers are not permitted any more and seem to be blocked. For e.g one of the allowed rules is port 443. I also have a virtual server forwarding WAN_ALL to port 443 of an internal machine. This forward from external WAN is not working.

    3. The moment I delete the rule #11 that has the BLOCK ALL ANY source LAN to ANY the port forward works.

    Can someone guide me on how to block services but still have virtual servers forwarding working.


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    need add a ACL allow entry for virtual server.

    I found an article on their official website which may be helpful. https://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-2026.html what hardware version is your TL-ER6020? you need add the first entry of this article' ACL entry in the middle of your ACL entries.

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    I did try that ear.ier also. However it does not work. Please note though that my requirement is a little different.

    1. I want any external IP to be able to access. I did that by adding an access control rule similar to above but allowed any ip.
    2. This works as long as I dont add a rule to block all other ports from LAN to WAN. Basically other than http/s I dont want to allow any other traffic from LAN to WAN. The block all rule is the last and all the allow rules are before that.
    The moment I add the block all rule, the port forwarding to the virtual server stops working. If I remove that it works.

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    Communication is dual-direction. Before the Block ALL rule, you should add a Allow rule to allow your virtual server to work.


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