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    Exclamation Archer D5 crashing - is it the Google cast / MDNS problem?

    Model : Archer D5

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 0.9.1 0.8 v002e.0 Build 150526 Rel.63088n

    ISP : iiNet Australia[/COLOR]

    My Archer D5 has begun crashing over the last few weeks:
    5Ghz Wifi disappears
    2.4Ghz Wifi remains on, but usually no internet access
    Ethernet/wired connections usually lose internet connection (not always)
    Modem GUI usually not available.
    Latest firmware installed.
    Solved by reboot, works for a day, maybe two.

    I have a Chromecast (not usually turned on), but no Google Home products. Several Android devices, all Android 7 or lower (no 8 / Oreo devices).

    Is this the same Google cast / MDNS packet problem that is being reported across many TP Link (and other make) routers?
    Will there be a firmware update (despite it being a "end of life" product? If not, anything that can be done to protect the modem from the problem?
    Is the real fix going to come from Google?

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    Junior Member Oromis is on a distinguished road
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    Try to disable wifi 5ghz.
    I have an Archer D5 too and I've written to the tech support, they said (translated from italian):

    "Dear customer,
    the problem arised due to the recent clients' updates to fix the KRACK issue.
    We're working on a firmware to solve the issue but it will be some weeks until it's released.
    In the meantime, please keep the 5ghz band disabled."

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    It seems this problem has impacted many routers.Many guys are talking about that.

    I am not sure but maybe you D5 is also the same


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