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Hi all,

first of all, sorry for my english.

Recently, i have bought a tplink archer vr2800 and it works fine with my old ISP. No problems with it.

But, for several reasons, i had to change to other ISP. Then, the problems began.

My new ISP needs to configure several parameters that i don't know how to configure in the vr2800.

My connection is ADSL2+, PPPoE. The parameters that my ISP send to me to configure the router are these:

VPI/VCI: 8/32
Service category: UBR
Internet Connection Type: PPPoE
User: adsl@masmovil
Password: masmovil
Encapsulation: LLC
DSL Type: ADSL2+
IP version: IPv4
802.1Q - VLAN: 20
MTU: 1488
MSS TCP: 1448
LAN IP ADDRESS: External DHCP Server
Configuración DNS: Automatic

The problem is that i can't find how to configure this 802.1Q - VLAN parameter nowhere in the router configuration.

Maybe i have lost any option anywhere?

Is there a way to configure this connection in this router?

Of course, i try to configure the wan interface with this ISP configuration without this VLAN parameter, but it doesn't works.

Actually, i have an old comtrend hg536+, and I got a crazy firmware that offers the configuration of this parameter in the wan interface configuration, so for now, i am working with this router but, obviously, i want my vr2800 run with this connection

Any idea will be welcome.