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If this has been answered before, links to those messages are appreciated. But I am not sure what to search for to find what I need.

I have 2 routers - AC1900 (Archer D9) and a TC-W7960.

The TC-W7960 is used to connect to Comcast cable. It is configured for 2.4 and 5 with both the main and guest network setup.
The D9 is currently configured with a different SSID (both main and guest) (which was used before I purchased the TC-W7960.)
Both have all the Ethernet ports fully populated as well.
I use DHCP

I want to change it so that I have 1 main and 1 guest SSID. And would prefer if all the IPs issued were "compatible" i.e. in the same 192.168.xx.??? range. So whether a device connected to either router and/or either SSID, they used the same IP such that I can share printers and other devices.

Why 2 routers? 1 to connect to Comcast (so I could get rid of the Comcast monthly rent). And now the other is used to extend service to the other side of the house.