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    EAP225 vs EAP320

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    What I the major real world use differences between the EAP225 and EAP320?

    I have used the EAP225 in a few locations. I have a client converting an older home from the early 1900s into an office. I'm concerned about the interior walls and signal drop. Would the EAP320 be a better solution?

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    EAP 330 has more powerful antennas (3x 6dBi @2.4GHz, 3x 7dBi @5GHz) than EAP225, faster wireless speed (AC1900), two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and software features like AirTime fairness and antenna beamforming. So, generally speaking: yes, they are more powerful than EAP225.

    OTOH, buildings from the early 1900s most often allow better RF coverage compared with material used those days, so it is impossible to say wether its interior walls will influence signal propagation without doing measurements under real-world conditions.


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