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    Using parallel printer on TL-PS110P without printer sharing on Windows

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    we are using two very old parallel NEC dot matrix printers (P 30 and P 2200) in our Windows peer-to-peer network for printing labels. Up to now, these printers were connected to a computer running Windows XP via its parallel ports. On this XP machine, a printer share was installed for each NEC printer and a special application in our network addressed the printers using this share.

    As the named XP machine has no additional job than providing access to the printers we'd like to replace it by a device as small as possible and happened to find the TL-PS110P. We installed such a device for one of the printers to test it and learned that this small box indeed can replace the XP machine and allows printing on the dot matrix printer as before - as long as we have a printer share for the printer on another Windows machine in the network and this machine is active.

    So our question is: Does anybody know how to send data to a printer attached to a TL-PS110P directly without using a printer share installed on another Windows computer in the network? Or with other words, is there an "alias" or something like that with can be used to determine the "access path" to the printer on the small print server? Of course we already tried "\\" (this is the IP of the TL-PS110P) and things like "\\\NIL" but all tests ended up in different E/A-errors.

    Every help is very appreciated ;-) Thanks a lot in advance,

    Bernd Hoffmann

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    Junior Member John C is on a distinguished road
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    Hello Bernd,
    May I suggest that instead of trying to send printer documents via a network address (192.168....), you install/setup the print server software onto your other computers on your network. Running the TL-Ps110p install software, it should search and find the print server on your network. You then "Add your printer in the TL-PS 110p setup, on each PC. When it is installed, you should be able to send print documents to the one printer, via the networked TL-PS110P server from any of your PC's.
    I have setup mine this way and I can send documents to my one printer from several PC's including a laptop wirelessly via my router on my network.
    I hope this helps and good luck.
    John C

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    Dear John,

    thank you very much for your help - unfortunately, this solution does not work for me as I need a way to address the printer attached to the server directly without any device driver or any other device in between... The reason for this special solution is the structure of our network application that generates the data to be printed on the dot matrix labels, actually the data that must be sent to the printer is generated as a kind of virtual text file including all text and formatting information which is then "copied" to the printer's address. As Windows does not accept a pure IP address for this operation as the target for such a copy action, we need a "path" as a Windows printer share.

    Perhaps there's somebody out there with another idea? Thanks a lot in advance and all the best,

    Bernd Hoffmann

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    just solved the question: The solution is the "queue" name "lp1" that seems to be given fixed in the print server's setup. So addressing " \\\lp1" (with as the server's IP) makes it possible to send any data to the parallel printer directly. Great product!

    Thanks for reading and thinking about the problem & all the best,

    Bernd Hoffmann


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