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    Firmware for TC-W7960?

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    I am trying to understand how to update firmware on my TC-W7960 router?

    When I go to the Go to Advanced > System Tools > there is no "Firmware Upgrade" option?

    It currently says along the bottom:

    Firmware Version:v1.1.0 Build 20160727 Rel349800 Hardware Version:V1.1

    What am I missing?



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    Junior Member cleatus is on a distinguished road
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    Jan 2018
    same here---super slow wireless, constant drops, NO OPTION TO UPDATE WIRELESS -- and mine is a lower version than yours!!!!

    god this thing sucks.

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    I guess if I had known this I would not have purchased it. I guess it is supposed to auto update, but I have no idea if it has ever?

    I do know that it has superior wireless coverage than the Arris router that Spectrum was supplying and charging me $10 a month for, so it that sense it is an improvement.

    Next time I will shop a little better

    Good luck


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