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I am using the smartplug as a control input to a PLC in order to control an output on the PLC. Since I have more than one device that needs to be able to control this output I want the smart plug to simply send one pulse to the PLC that will act as an ON command. Another smartplug would act as an OFF command. All that said the smartplug doesn't appear to have a feature to where is will automatically cut off after X seconds of being commanded on. Therefore I would like to tie into the circuit of the manual push button control on the smartplug. I want to wire a PLC output to this circuit so that after the smartplug turns on, the PLC will acknowledge this command and then reset the smart plug (turn it back off). I took the smartplug apart and where the pushbutton is soldered in is pretty much impossible to add a wire. I did notice several stand off PIN circuits as well as a connector plug on the circuit board so I was curious if any of the pins were tied into the manual button circuit?