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    QoS Upload Limit

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    I'm trying to implement a new QoS policy to limit upload speeds to an offsite backup. The plan is to use my 5 Mpbs upload limit at full throttle until something else comes along and utilizes the bandwidth. Basically, I want the offsite backup upload speed to be throttled to as little as possible when others need upload bandwidth.

    What I have in place now isn't cutting it. When the offsite upload is running, I get a steady 740 KB/s up. When another system is used to upload, the bandwidth is split and each share about 370 KB/s. The end goal would be that the other system is grabbing about 720 KB/s, and the offsite gets 20 KB/s.

    Here's what I have setup so far. Is this possible with the router I currently have?
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    As you could see, TL-R470T+ could limit speed for QoS feature. There is no priority


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