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    AV2000 Powerline Adapter causing audio "crackling" on TV audio system

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    I recently added the powerline adapters in order to get a hardwired internet connection to my TV. The adapters were perfect and very easy to setup. HOWEVER, I am now getting an audible "crackling" sound through my surround sound system that is connected to the system. In searching the issue, I saw quite a few similar posts about computer speakers having the interference issue. Any ideas on how I can correct this issue? The powerline adapters are useless if I can't get a CLEAR sound from my audio system. This issue started directly after adding the powerline adapters. I had perfect sound when connected to cable. None of the connections to the audio system changed in anyway. Can anyone provide me with some advice? I definitely can't recommend these adapters to anyone knowing there are these issues.

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    try to enable PLC-to-VDSL mode in tpPLC Utility

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    Don't, for this will cut PLC bandwidth straight in half. The actual issue is poor electrical filtering in the affected equipment's power supply circuitry. To solve this, put these devices on a powerstrip that has a noise filter, or plug them directly into the PLC's passthrough jack (which has one of those filters).


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