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Thread: Re650 bug found

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    Re650 bug found

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    I am using the latest firmware 1.0.5 (RE650(EU)_V1_171218) on my RE650.

    If you use the RE650 in "Access Point" mode only, and then on the Network Tab select "Obtain an IP address automatically" so it gets an IP from your router, under the DHCP Server Settings it defaults to Auto.

    Leaving it in this mode everything works fine.

    However, if you set DHCP Server to "Off", which I want so the router deals with this, you will find you can no longer ping, or access the management interface of the RE650.

    Pretty rubbish, but it appear leaving it on Auto achieves the same result. I still feel better setting it OFF, but then I can no longer get on the management page.

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    Members p0et is on a distinguished road
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    cannot access via domain name or IP address?

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    When you set DHCP fro Auto to Off, after a reboot it pings 6 times and then dies. Clearly a bug.

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    Members p0et is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2017
    maybe you set a static ip in re650, and when you turn off the DHCP, your PC and re650 are not in the same subnet


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