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I bought TWO Archer D7 routers for the purpose of extending a wifi network.

I have had a number of problems so I am starting over from scratch.

One of the D7's has firmware V1.0 on the label the other has firmware V1.1

So question 1 is what is the difference in hardware terms between these two routers, I noticed that the V1.0 does NOT have
holes for wall attachment, but what I really need to know is whether firmware from TP Link site improves things.

To add confusion when I log into the admin screen of the V1.0 router it is has the more modern GUI portal while the V1.1 router
has a typical sort portal with options down the left hand side rather than large icons etc.

The V1.0 router lists the firmware as

Version 1.6.0 0.9.1 v002d.0 Build 160216 Rel.57110n Hardware Version: Archer D7 v1 00000002

While the V1.1 router lists the firmware as

Version 0.9.1 0.9 v002d.0 Build 141014 Rel.51158n Hardware Version: Archer D7 v1 00000000

To me there seems to be something wrong with the V1-1 router, how can the Hardware Version be v1 00000000

Should I suspect that someone has changed the internal hardware of this Router?

I was considering upgrading the built but I imagine this will not change the kit and I have had such
bad experiences with TP-Link firmware turning routers into bricks despite following all the instructions properly.

I have found the latest firmware for this router to be


Which seems to match the Build 160216 of the V1-0 router

Does anyone know if I will lose anything by upgrading the V1-1 router to Build 160216 ?

Or am I better off leaving them as they are?