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    5ghz network????

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    I setup my wifi system consisting of 3 Decos.. connect to them.. all is well.. clicked on the guest button to enable a guest network with a different password... thats good as well.. problem is, where is the 5ghz network??? i cant find an option to create such a network on the app, and cant find a third network for 5 ghz? what am i missing? thanks!

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    2.4 and 5Ghz are same SSID and password. Device choose how use automatic.
    And Deco shows only network!

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    thanks for the reply... so how do i know which network the devices are on and how to ensure that they are all on the same network??? i have a google home and i need to put them all on the same network.. does your post mean that i don;t have a choice between either band?? from the speed test that i am doing, i guess i am on the 2.4ghz.. is there a reason why i wasnt automatically put oj the 5ghz?

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    No matter which band Google Home uses, it will be on the same network.
    I use Chromecast/Audio and Video and Google Home here without any problems.
    Just connect the devices to the same SSID


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