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We have three ER6020 with VPNs setup between each of them.
These VPNs work very well.

However, when a VPN client such as Greenbow connect AND then closes the connection in a non-graceful manner such as shutting the lid on a laptop, then VPN Security Association (SA) in the ER6020 is not cleared.
The VPN client is prevented from making another connection unless the router is re-booted.

Repeated testing as shown this to be the problem.
Unable so far to find a solution.

If one gracefully closes the VPN tunnel then no problem.

Here is the testing summary from my network person:

Findings 2: Hung IPSec Security Association (SA) observed in TPLink router at XX. Rebooted router. Reconnected VPN from same computer and traffic will now pass. Tested operation of Dead Peer Detection (DPD). It appears that DPD is not working correctly for remote computers using TheGreenBow (TGB) VPN client. If a client computer fails to gracefully shutdown the VPN from TGB, this results in a hung SA on the router. DPD is supposed to clear the SA after a specified time period, but it does not. Suspect bug in TPLink code. No new software releases for this router were available.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.