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    Specify a parental control profile for devices when they initially connect to Deco WiFi

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    When a person knows the WiFi password and connects a new device to one of my Deco M5 access points, the device does not "belong to" any profile.

    When my children have a friend come over, and they connect their device to my Deco M5, they therefore have unfiltered access to the internet.

    In my home, a newly connected device would ideally be placed into a profile of my choosing, so that there would be filtering applied, to prevent exposing my children to pornography on the new device.

    Is this possible?

    I have set up IFTTT notifications, and have set up logging new devices to a google sheet, but if I am not in the house, although I know a new device has connected, I believe I cannot alter which profile the new device belongs to unless I am connected to the WiFi - is this true?

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    I would like this feature, too! It doesn't much matter whether I can manually assign a device to a Profile while away from home (which seems possible, at least I can if I disconnect from WiFi and use the app with my cell data service) -- I'd prefer that each new device default to a specific profile rather than default to unlimited access.

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    I agree

    I have recently installed a Deco system, and was disappointed that a default profile cannot be created that would apply to new devices - it would be much more reassuring to have restrictions on by default and lifted by exception.

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    I would also like to see this added.


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