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At first, I bought a set of three passthrough (I think it was TP-LINK TL-PA4010PKIT)
I connected one of them on the router and the other two to my desktop and my satellite receiver,
afterwards I bought another set of two and connected the one of them to my laptop,

the desktop and the satellite receiver are off for the most part,
but on my laptop I've noticed disconnects (middle light off on both my laptop and the router) at random times and
while I'm connected and using the internet,

I pressed the button on the powerlines (both for 10 sec and for immediately) in order to pair them again,
it didn't work, I removed them both from the plugs, it didn't work either,
I tried with the utility and pressing the reset button from there, no success,
this happened both on sunday (when I had turned on both desktop and satellite receiver) and today morning
(nothing else was on besides laptop and router)

I opened the utility and disabled the power saving feature on the one that's
connected to my router,

any (other) suggestions?