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I purchased TD-W8968 exactly 3 years back, recently my broadband connection is disconnecting every now and then. I registered a complaint with BSNL first they told me that it is because of your internal wiring, I spend some three thousand rupees, got my entire internal wiring changed but my problem didn't solved. Now they are saying that your modem is faulty, in the mean time they changed the port of my connecting from their end but my problem is still there. I am on the latest firmware available on TP-Link's website. It shows limited connectivity every now and then. Internet led also went off every now and then only dsl and wifi link blink, after some time my internet starts working properly.

So is there something I can do or I need to purchase another modem now? I have already reflashed my modem's firmware but it worked fine for 1 hour or so, and then my broadband is again disconnecting.