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Thread: Log Error

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    Log Error

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    In System Log appears "receive md alarm msg failed:Interrupted system call, continue." every 15 seconds!

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    Me too

    Got the same error every 15 sec

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    I got the same error every 15 sec
    NC200 v1 2.1.8 Build 171109 Rel.28679

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    What does that error mean? What's wrong with your cam?

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    No function seems to be affected. Just a bunch of weird error logs.

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    If no function affected, maybe those error are meaninglessness, we can ignore it?

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    No function seems to be affected...
    Simply, I don't understand the error.

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    are you using motion detection or sound detection? are they working as well?

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    Same error, the system is linux, i think is a problem of the code, we need to wait new firmware
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