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    tp-link speeds are extremely slow

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I have ATT UVerse 25 Mbps in my home.

    I bought the TL-WPA4226KIT to extend my wifi and to connect via ethernet.

    I connected my tp-link adapter via ethernet to my router and plugged the adapter into the wall outlet.

    I then paired the tp-link extender to the adapter and cloned my extender to my router.

    I tested my internet speeds before connecting to the tp-link. My speeds were between 22 and 24 mbps wifi.

    I then plugged the extender into the first floor and then the second floor outlets.

    I then plugged the extender into my PC via ethernet.

    No matter where I plugged the extender, the internet speeds were cut in less than half. Around 6-8 mbps.

    The tp-link works but is extermely slow.

    Any idea why?

    In this an older model?

    Can you recommend a newer model for around the same price?

    Can I do something to make my existing tp-link work better?

    Any suggestions?

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    check the circuit environment firstly:


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