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    POE at IP camera NC450

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    I bought a camera NC450 of TP-link. The camera works fine but now i want to use POE.

    I have a POE switch with 4 POE (802.3af) ports. I connect my IP camera but he don't starts up.

    Is this normal? Works the camera only with the passive poe injector?

    Thanks for the help


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    I really want to know this as well!! Searched through the web without an answer so far. I have a Linksys switch with POE+ and POE. But the camera won't work.

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    I'm also very interested if the POE works with a switch directely. Or do we need to use the POE injector adapter??

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    I also want to know this!!

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    Hi there all TP-Link users out there.
    I also want to know the answer to that question. Do we need to use the poe injector? Or is a POE switch good enough?

    Thanks all

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    NC450 is a non-PoE device. If you want to power it up via Ethernet connection to a PoE switch, you need a PoE splitter. https://static.tp-link.com/710650685...150S10R_IG.pdf

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    Thank you for an answer. Next time I Will do my homework better.

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    The manual says other thing and my camera works fine using the poe injector included, but does not work when i connect it directly to a poe switch
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    NC450 is a non-PoE device. Which cannot work directly with POE switch , so need the POE injector


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