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I am using a TL-MR3020 together with a ZTE MF70 3G USB modem in an M2M application. Wireless is disabled on both the router and modem as I am only connecting a single Ethernet based device to the 3G mobile network. Functionally all is working correctly.

My problem is that there is background data over the 3G connection even when nothing is connected to the MR3020's Ethernet port. I am able to confirm this using the Jasper wireless platform offered by my SIM/mobile provider. The volume of data is quite low <10MB/month, but is occurring every few minutes. However, given this is an M2M application and our application data is <5MB/month, the background figure is significant.

I have no way to tell if it's the router or modem generating the data. And as it's not user data, I have no way to know what it is. Can anyone suggest what might be causing it (and hopefully prevent it). Alternatively, how to diagnose this further. I've been through the router's setup pages and disabled things like UPnP and NTP, but to no avail.

Regards, Ross