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    TL-PA8030P sproadically losing connection with each others

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    Hello, I have a pair of TL-PA8030P (CH version) installed. They seem to sometime lose connection with each other (it's not an internet problem, I just don't have LAN anymore for a couple of mins but wi-fi still works fine in the meantime).

    I used to have some (much) older devolo devices, which never had this problem. Now, I don't know if it is a problem with the devices, my apartment wiring (it's quite old, still cotton cables I think..?) or the fact that both devices are in different rooms (not sure if they're on the same fuse or not).

    Anyway, my main issue is that "it used to work with older devices but not with newer ones". But it's impossible to find regularity in the problem, sometimes they work great for several days straight and then suddenly there are problems several times in a row with 5 minutes. It seems to help to switch the ethernet cables from a plus to another.

    Is there anything I can do/try to diagnose the problem? Is a firmware upgrade worth a try? PLC utility says version is


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    Welcome to the wonderful world of TP-Link product maintenance.

    Other vendors have broadly updated their AV1200 kit to base firmware 2.4.0, while some of the TP-Link products seem forever stuck at 2.0.0, with some few others updated to 2.2.0.

    So if your kit is hardware version V2, you can at least update to 2.2.0 for much improved stability and performance. V1 hardware has not been updated.

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    Thanks Peter M for your reply!

    In that case, how can I make sure of the hardware version I have? Does the firmware version reported by the tp-link utility mean I have V2? or can I check in the devices themselves?

    I bought them in september 2016, and the swiss tp-link regional site only offers V1 firmwares... http://ch.tp-link.com/download/TL-PA....html#Firmware


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    Both the box and the units have the hardware version written on the labels.

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    I read "Botch the box and the units will have the hardware version written on the labels"

    Anyway, I suppose I have version 1.0? Is there no solution then? Could I ask for a warranty return, has the defect been proven/admitted by tp-link?
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    you can contact with the support of TP-LINK to see whether they have new FW

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    FYI, this is what suppport replied to me:

    Install the new firware and deactivate the power-saving mode



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    The "new" firmware from March 2016 is still ancient, built on Qualcomm base firmware 2.0. TP-Link had a beta version on 2.2 available last year, but that never made it into a proper release.

    All the other major brands have updated their hardware to 2.4, which is current.

    Return? Yes.
    Get 8030P V2? No.
    Get something from AVM or devolo if you can.

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    It really sucks... back then those TP-Link were the only one with AC plug integrated, gbit, and 3 ethernet ports. Not even sure I can return since I ditched the original boxes, manuals and everything a long time ago, way befroe I noticed the problems

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    One question, is the problem described anywhere officially? Like in a "known bugs" list or something?

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    If there were any updates, you'd probably see euphemisms like "improved client connectivity" or somesuch in the release notes. Alas, there are no updates, and hence, no confessions.


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