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    (EAP245) EAP Controller Wireless Portal Not Working

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    I recently set up the EAP 245 EAP Controller in our office. I updated the firmware, and set up two wireless portals. I set up one for the office, and one for guests. I have set up the login screen to have a picture of our logo, an input box for a password, and a log in button. Whenever I am logged into the controller software, it works fine. Everyone sees the intended screens, and they are allowed to log in without issue. However, when I log out of the EAP Controller software, the intended screen disappears, and it is replaced with a gray screen that asks for a password, asks people to accept terms of use (that aren't listed anywhere), and a log in button. The design isn't necessarily the issue. The problem is that no one can get passed this screen. They type in the intended password, accept the terms of conditions, and press log in, but nothing happens.

    Is there a save function I am missing? I always hit apply at the bottom of the settings once I change them. Did I update the firmware incorrectly?

    I appreciate any help that you can give.

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    Works for me. I have the same setup: one office WiFi network with customized portal page and one guest WiFi network with standard portal page. Both portal pages are shown depending on the SSID I use no matter wether I'm logged into the Controller or not.

    Which Controller version do you use? Windows or Linux version?


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