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    Any way to change what's considered weekdays versus weekends?

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    I've been using the Deco for about 4 months now, and I really like it so far... I've just decided to wade in to the parental controls aspect to try to replace the Circle by Disney, which is a less-than-ideal solution for us.

    My issue is that we're currently deployed overseas in the Arabian Gulf, and our work week is Sunday thru Thursday. I don't see any way to get away from the default, U.S. version of the Monday to Friday work week for parental controls. Is there one? It would make what already appear to be decent, router-level parental controls actually be useful in our home.

    Thank you!

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    TP-LINK plan to make weekdays editable by customer.
    When new firmware release,you can upgrade it to use new features.


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