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    HS100 No SSID at set up

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    I've got 2 of these plugs and both set up fine originally. I recently change some things so I no longer need both plugs so I planned to give one to my parents. I took it to there house and Did the factory reset ( held the button till rapid flash etc) installed the app on his phone went through the set up got as far as tying to connect to the tp-smart plug-xxxx network in order to set the local wireless network. Surprise no tp-smartplug-xxx ever showed up. I tried the reset again still nothing. oddly I took the plug back home and went through the process and it worked fine there returned to his house and again no ssid!? any ideas

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    With same smartphone? Is there any interference souce nearby?

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    Tried with 2 different phones. same result. there has to be something causing interference, I set it out in the garage and its fine, Also had the same issue with an Arvin smart light switch. No idea what could be the source.


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