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Hi All,

probably a really dumb question here, but please bear with me.

We live in a remote area. Wired BB speeds are 0.2mbps, but we have good 4G so we chose to use the TP-LINK_8927 ( which gives us 70mbps)..

Now, after a burglary, we have put in CCTV which can be remotely viewed on our phones and stream over the net.

The TP_LINK8927 doesn't have an ethernet port, so we have brought a TL-WR810N, which we use as a Ethernet to wifi 'repeater' in Client mode.

I can't access the login screen on

Being not very tech savvy, I have Checked for DHCP client access and it is enabled.

How can I Make them talk to each other?. What am I missing??