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    Mr200 4g router to access vpn

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    HiI am planning on buying the mr200 router to use with a 4g sim card.One of the things I will need to do as I work from home is use my laptop to connect to our office vpn. Will this work? I have read posts about this unit not being compatible with vpn but I'm not sure if this is with regard to setting up a vpn rather than just accessing one?? Or if this issue has been resolved with new firmware?? Any help greatly appreciated Thanks Craig

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    MR200 VPN workaround

    I recently bought one of these modems, and have the problem you mention with a VPN connection. Until such time as I can sort it out, I remove the data-only SIM from the modem and put it into my phone, set that up for USB tethering, connect it to the computer and can then VPN successfully. It's a bit of a nuisance, but works - I'm hoping to get the issue resolved, though.


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