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    Archer Mr200 original antenna dbi value?

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    Sorry to bother.

    I have AC750 Wireless Dual Band 4G LTE Router (Archer MR200) with original two antenna setup.

    I live in Europe, Finland and I think that my router is Europe model. I have upgraded the EU firnware and it seemed to work okay.

    I was wondering what is the dbi value on those original antenna?

    I read on other webpage that this router / modem can use antenna up to 8dbi. Is this correct or how much dbi can this handle? What kind of antenna dbi would be recommended?

    I used to live in city with this router, got 3 bars of signal strenght and 75% reception. Now I live in suburbs, got 1-2 bars of signal strenght and 25-50% reception. It usually is 1 bar of reception and signal is weak.

    I have moved around my flat with router and it dosen't seem to help with reception.

    So I was wondering about chancing those original antenna for higher dbi value ones.

    Any good suggestion about new inside antenna, they can be like original that screw to the router or connected with a cable + have antenna in the end of cable.

    This router uses standard SMA male connectors?

    Sadly I can't use those external outside antennna that are placed on the roof, antenna post or fixed in the side of a building. I mean my flat is rented on an apartment building.

    Any other tips and tricks to improve reception?

    Thank you so much for reading

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    Hi Esa,

    I asked it to USA support team two months ago because my indoor signal reception is also weak like yours. Their answer was "The gain of each external antenna is 3.5dBi." for original antennas came with the router.


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