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    Question Routing from WiFi to CPL ?

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    And best wishes for this New Year !

    I thought I had posted a thread, but it looks like I've fumbled somewhere

    Anyway, here's my question: I would like to know if it would be possible to route from WiFi to CPL.

    I want to connect 2 houses. In the first one, I have a (TP Link) router broadcasting the internet through WiFi, and connected to a TL-WPA8635P CPL adapter on the first floor. Another TL-WPA8635P CPL adapter (with WiFi capability) is on the ground floor, and broadcasts the same network through WiFi. This works very well.

    In the second house, I have a very good connection to the WiFi network from the other house (the router is very close to the wall. What I would like to do is put a TL-WPA8635P with WiFi capability to get that network, and route to the CPL, and from there, on the ground floor, connect another CPL adapter to broadcast WiFi again. In short: Router |-- WiFi --> CPL adapter |-- Powerline --> CPL adapter |-- WiFi --> devices.

    Is this possible ? Or what could I do to make it work ?

    Thanks a lot in advance !

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    if you use the same circuit, it can work.

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    Thank you for your answer. You're talking about the CPL part in the second house, right ?
    But how should I configure the CPL adapter there ? The same way the one in the first house is configured (to extend the existing network) ?


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