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It works fine in the Kasa app on an iPad and iPhone. I've set it up 3 times and worked perfectly every time. Changes colours and dims and turns off/one like clockwork.

I've setup my Google mini as well. The Google mini answers questions fine (weather etc) as well.

Everything is on the same network and have confirmed via my router they all have IPs.

I have enabled remote control in Kasa for the light.

When I go through the Home Control option in the Google Home application, I can select TP-Link Kasa and add my username/password which I have confirmed works fine.

Nothing then happens.

Basically the Google Home app sends me to the TP-Link password gateway and once I enter the username/password and click Authorise, it redirects back to the Google Home app and NEVER adds the light. The list never gets updated.

The light is a LB130

I've done it dozens of times on both the iPad mini and iPhone 7+. Using recent though differing iOS firmware.

I cleared out the browser cache and it still didn't work.

Can someone please shed some light on this issue?