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    A speed question

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    So I've bought myself some AV2000 connectors (2gbps max). I plugged them in and they paired perfectly. Installed the util and it shows a powerline rate of between 1000-1150mbps which is perfect as I was wanting to take benefit of my new internet connection (400mb). However, even though I'm using a short 1 metter cable from the router to powerline adapter > powerline adapter to PC, I can only ever get between 120-160mbps. Does that sound right or is something going amiss? I realize that the powerline rate might not be the actual network rate, but is there any way I can tell what the actual network speed is?

    I'm thinking of trailing a 20 meter ethernet cable up the stairs until I find a solution, but if I go missing from here... it's because my wife has killed me and buried me in the garden ;-)

    Thanks in advance with any help you can offer.


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    So I've done some more testing and it does seem to be a speed issue with the powerline ethernet. As a test I connected up the 20 meter CAT6 cable between the router and PC and got the full speed (388mb/sec). As such it looks like my only option is to use a bunch of adhesive sticks and run a cable up the stairs. My wife is being strangely supportive... I guess this is because she's trying to butter me up into buying her a new kitchen

    TP-Link definitely need to take a look at what they're doing to gauge this "powerline rate" though and is it not even remotely close to being accurate.

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    yep i have the same issue but with AV1000 and 200mb internet. i only get around 150mb on anything using powerline but get 225 on wifi so powerline is too slow. connection speed shows 450-600mb so there is either massive overheads on powerline or something else wrong. i didnt get any response on this forum to suggest any assistance so im tempted to run ethernet as well...

    glad im not the only one with the issue its clearly misreporting or there is some other issue with running at faster speeds

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    Just like with any other shared-media networks (like e.g. WiFi), expect your actual payload throughput to be around one third of the media bandwidth. So Chris, your stats look somewhat normal, but Tronied's are way lower than they should be.

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    Similar issue?

    Hi - first post.

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    I experience similar issues with my AV500 set of powerline adaptors.

    I have to say I don't really understand the TP-Link PLC Utility so I'm not entirely sure there is an issue.

    However, I have 5 adaptors - they all report much lower speeds than the 500 Mbps of the adaptor itself - generally around 100Mbps each, although they are all different.

    Also, it gives speeds for adaptors that it doesn't even show as being on (although they all are).

    What I don't understand, is I can select one of them in the utility and it will show a connection speed to one of the others, but when I click on that 'other' one, the connection speed back to the first one is different.

    Is all this normal?

    Cheers in advance


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