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    AP mode + Ethernet backhaul via ISP combo modem/router

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    Now when Deco supports AP mode and Ethernet Backhaul, will the following topology work fine?

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    Here all the Deco are supposed to be in AP mode, just giving WiFi. All the other networking features are on the ISP box (DHCP, NAT etc.).
    All the Deco are connected to this ISP box via Ethernet cables, they are supposed to form Ethernet backhaul.
    The Deco units are located on different floors of the house, so they cannot reach each other via WiFi. But the ISP box bridges between them (wired).

    It looks similar to the officially proposed "star topology", but instead of using a separate switch, it uses the same ISP device which also acts as a modem.

    Is this a supported topology? Does it work for anyone?

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    Any response...?

    Strange that I cannot get an official answer from TP Link on this. Would expect them to tell me what their solution supports and what it doesn't, before I buy it...

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    The FAQ states this: "The main Deco (first one connect to the network) will work in Router mode by default after setup,the you can switch the working mode into AP mode as need. The other two Deco units will extend the Deco network from the main unit, via both wireless or wired connection (Ethernet Backhaul)."

    I take this to mean that your configuration will not work, as the two units must extend the network THROUGH the main unit. Your scenario would be using three Deco units as individual gateways, probably result in three separate networks with the same name and info. (See http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....t=deco+ap+mode).

    Hope that helps.


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