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    Same problem, Deco M5 Backhaul is a problem!!!

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    Hi, Here I am again,

    Now i have tried everything to put the DECO m5 to work, I have found out two things:

    1) The current mesh/ap/router doenst really work, it is complete useless using backhaul.

    You can try to wire it up, all long your house and simple your main unit in router mode need to check/redirect all traffic and what happen? if you are using a NAS/Windows/MAC any server inside your network it will crash it, as the unit cant handle correct the traffic, I have a lot of proof on this, if you wanna check setup a bridge between the wired backhaul and your DECO, sniff your packs and voila, all packs come and goes from to the main unit, it simple cant let the traffic goes thru as BRIDGE, so, it is complete dumb.

    Wireless mesh is a forward bridge not a master redirect slave bullshit, this is a complete worthless scenario.

    2) If you try access point with backhaul

    It will work a little bit better but soon or later same problem will occur as above.

    Hardware failures

    1) If your deco M5 doesnt want to work in your network, it is a failure on the Auto Negotiation, tplink clan it is a problem with other routers/brands/switches, but the fact is their unit is defective and cant handle auto-negotiation correct, in 1gbps is worst cant pair even with tp-link switches, simple you will have a RED blink led ofter if it is forever, but if you are luck to have a programable switch you can fix it as 100mbps full duplex and it will work.

    2) Hardware if somehow defective in 1.0 version and tp-link doenst wanna have a full clain on it, the hardware cant handle what they promise. All the clans in the forum is the same problem, the hardware have some flaw in the design, also the firmware have a lot of bug that cant allow correct inside traffic.

    It only works for INTERNET outside the current NAT or BRIDGE, if your simple use to share internet may it work correct for you, the scenario it works correct is:

    Intenet Router NAT- DOUBLE NAT DECO M5 - all units not far than 15 meter with line of sight, you can try put it far away but WILL NOT WORK, so, What the hell, if you have a DECO M5 it works worst than a simple repeater, yes it is try, this DECO M5 is worst than a simple repeater. Why? Why it need to have perfect signal among their units and you cant wire it up as traffic become crazzy in the network.

    If they can handle my money back in brazil I would be so glad,

    Please issue my full refund on this.

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    I don't understand your server problem. I have a server on my local (wired) network and I have no trouble accessing that internal server using its 192.168.0.N address from devices connecting through the satellite M5s using Ethernet backhaul.

    FWIW I'm using the Star topology described in http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....l-with-Deco-M5. My central switch is "managed" but behaving like a dumb switch, with both the server and the backhauled M5 satellites connected to it.

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    I use like a Star network, but traffic doesnt move correct among the network, if you monitor your switch all traffic mainly goes to the first of the untis added to the network, even if you replace it another, it does the same, traffic double inside the mainly/first DECO M5, already have a POC on this with the pkts being captured from it.

    Also there is a gap that occurs from some time to time, lazzy network, everything slow down and sudden return to its normal.

    Those problems are related to the hardware and software faults, maybe they can solve only with software, but they are all know inside tp-link.

    TP-Link is trying to keet it not know to people, but as many people are using the deco m5 the problems are showing up.

    TP-Link blame all other vendors that their hardware/software are deffectives and Tp-Link are all good, but this is not the true behing the scene.

    the true is that TP-Link Deco M5 is crap, have a lot of problem, doenst work as intent, cant solve your network problem and will aggregate more problem to it.

    If you are happy with a very expensive router that doenst work as advertising what should you do, sue Tp-link?


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