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    Changing the gateway Deco

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    I have just installed a three Deco mesh that is working well. However, on aesthetic grounds, I would like to change the primary device from one that is in my living room, where the modem/router is housed, to one in the office, where there is an ethernet switch that has a wired connection to the router and feeds two desktop PCs. Two questions, therefore:
    1. Is it possible to change the primary Deco without removing all three units and starting again from zero? I have an LG Soundbar that took a lot of effort to connect to the mesh network, and I'd rather no go through that again!
    2. Is it best to connect the new primary Deco directly to the router, and then connect the switch to an ethernet port on the Deco? Or can i just connect the Deco to one of the ethernet ports on the switch?

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    You should be able to just unplug everything, move it around, and plug it back in no problem. However, if you run into problems, just delete the network and create a new one with the same name/password.

    As for your switch, my understanding is anything connected to the switch between the gateway deco and the router will not be connected to the same network. (Other users seem to be using that setup with the Deco in AP mode, so I may be wrong.) I would suggest connecting Router - Deco - Switch, and then out to everything else just to be safe.


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