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    Resetting the Deco

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    Hi everybodyBeen some very frustrating hours with the new Deco system. See a lot of questions on this forum that several people have similar experiences.My first qeustion on this forum:When I reset a Deco unit by pressing a sharp object in the little hole, should the power to the unit be on or off? Or doesn’t it matter? How long should I press this button? The very minimalistic user interface with the single LED is frustrating, and as a user I am nearly always unsure what state each unit is in. It takes a lot of trial and error to walk through each new installation cycle of all three Decos.

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    Deco must be powered on all the time during a reset.

    Tap the RESET button in the little for one second only, then the LED light on the node will become yellow, indicating that it's been reset.
    Just wait for about 2 minutes until the LED is pulsing blue, a reset has been done.


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