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    Exclamation TL-ER6020 Remote management web interface very very slow.

    Model : TL-ER6020

    Hardware Version : v1.0

    Firmware Version : 1.1.0 Build 20150416 Rel.35252

    ISP : Spectrum

    I have a TL-ER6020 and, since purchase, the remote management web interface is painfully slow (like up to 2 minutes for every page refresh). This happens both from an external IP address and from an internal VPN IP Address.
    The web management runs just fine from any LAN IP Address (plenty fast). The speed on the WAN interface is 3Mbps Upstream and 25Mbps Downstream, however, the router used before had no delays, nor are there any delays in the VPN network (remote desktop & other services), so it must be a bug in the TL-ER6020 unit.
    I put the IP addresses in the list of allowed IPs, so that's not the issue. I have a TL-R6000VPN that works fine on this network (what I replaced with the TL-ER6020, so I'm positive all the other equipment is not to blame)
    I also have the latest firmware installed (TL-ER6020_V1_150416), but to no avail.
    Is there another setting that may be causing this issue?
    Is there some beta firmware out there that can remedy this problem?
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    Hi dude, i think this router will not divide the different packets with priority. So when you talking about the remote management, I guess it must be the bandwidth problem.


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