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    HS105 Smartplug Mini & FiOS Set Top Box

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    I am trying to use an HS105 smartplug mini with a Verizon FiOS set top box. When I turn the box off using the Kasa app itís like I have unplugged the Fios box. It rebbots before starting up again. When the box is plugged directly into the wall it powers up/down without rebooting. Apparently there is a difference between unpluggung and using the power button. Turning off the smartplug is the same as unplugging. Is there anyway to fix this?Thanks,Kyle

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    Strange thing. You have better contact TP-Link for help.

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    Actually that's expected, turning off the power via the HS105 is exactly like unplugging whatever has been connected to it. There is no fix.

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    I kinda figured that out. So I've moved the outlets to things where plugged/unplugged condition is a little less involved, like fans

    Thanks for the reply,

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    Sadly, I kinda figured that out. SO I've moved the outlets to locations where on/off is a little less layered.

    Thanks for the reply.


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