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    How to better understand how close the deco's distance apart should be?

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Any ideas on how to test this?

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    I use NetSpot no see witch place is better for any Deco spot.

    Sometimes you have great signal and bad noise ... netspot mensure this and you can avoid any trouble.

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    If I was setting them up again, I'd do this:

    1. I would set up Deco #1 and test my speed (using Speedtest.net app on my phone) while standing right next to it.
    2. I would go to roughly the next part of the house where I want to put Deco #2 and see if the speed tests roughly the same, while I am still connected to Deco #1. If it does, that's where I would put Deco #2. If not, I'd move myself closer to #1 until the speed tests the same as in step 1.
    3. For Deco #3, I would turn off wifi on my phone, and back on again, while standing near Deco #2. Then I'd move to the next part of the house and do the same as in step 2.

    This made sense when I did it at my home because the Decos are all in a line, from front to back of house.


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