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    Archer VR600v v2 Dropping wired connection

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    I recently replaced my modem/router with a tp-link AC1600 (Archer VR600v v2), and I am having issues with wired connections.

    I work from home, and use my personal desktop PC (Windows 10) to remote desktop to my work laptop (Windows 7). Both personal desktop, and work laptop are on the local network connected by 1Gbps wired Ethernet connection through the VR600.

    I'm having issues where the remote desktop connection to the laptop will randomly drop out, and when I look at the 'Wired Clients' list on the admin console of the router, the work laptop is no longer in the list. When I go to directly to the laptop, the Internet works fine, and then when I refresh the admin page, it shows up again in the 'Wired Clients' list. It seems that remote desktop will then work again, until I start dragging windows around in the session (to generate lots of network traffic I guess) and the connection drops out again!

    I had a similar issue with the personal desktop PC to begin with, where the PC would disappear from the 'Wired Clients' list, which seemed to be solved after updating my Ethernet network card driver. Everything worked fine for about a week, until now, when I get the same issue with the work laptop disappearing. I updated the network driver on the laptop, but it didn't fix anything. I suspect now that a reboot of the router was what actually what fixed the issue with the desktop PC, and suspect that rebooting the router will fix the current issue with the laptop. However, I don't want to be constantly rebooting the router. The thing should just work! I never had this issue with my previous router, and these issues started occurring only after I got the VR600.

    Do you think the modem is faulty? I checked for updated firmware, but it's already on the latest version. I'm so annoyed with this router, I have wasted so much time trying to figure out why it's dropping the RDP session.

    Please help.

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    How long did you buy it. Wired connection is a reliable connection. The best way to test your connection is ping the router constantly.

    Type a ping -t in your laptop command window when your laptop drop out. If it reply "time out", maybe you really drops

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    As I suspected, rebooting the router fixed the problem (temporarily).

    I ended up returning the modem (I don't have time to mess around), so I can't perform your test. However, I'm certain it was dropping out. The reason I got the tp-link was due to my previous modem getting hit by lighting. After returning the tp-link, I bought the exact same modem I had before, and it's working flawlessly now. I suspect there is a firmware bug on the tp-link, as the problem only occurs after it's been on for a while, and under certain conditions (remote desktop generates a lot of LAN traffic, especially since I use two large screens in the session).


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