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    RE305 5Ghz channel

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    Hello.I have just set up my new RE305 range extender and I'm really pleased with its ease of use and performance. However, I have one minor issue which I can't see how to solve... I am aware that the signals that the extender broadcasts will be on the same channel as per the router which it extends. My router is sending out a 2.4Ghz signal on Channel 3 which the extender is broadcasting on the same channel as expected. So far so good. However, I've also set the extender to broadcast a 5Ghz signal with a new SSID. It is doing this well but has chosen to do so on channel 36. Unfortunately, the only other 5Ghz broadcast in my vicinity is also on channel 36 (from my neighbour).My 5Ghz signal from the extender isn't duplicating the channel from my router as there is no 5Ghz coming from the router. So, why is the extender choosing channel 36 and is there a way to force it to choose another (unused) channel? Any other channel will do as everything apart from 36 appears to be empty!Thanks in advance for your thoughts, Kroma

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    if it works on range extender mode, it would copy the channel as your router, you cannot change the channel of it. try to change the channel in your router.

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    It is repeating the channel of the 2.4Ghz signal as expected but my router doesn't have a 5Ghz signal so there isn't a channel number to replicate. This is solely being created by the extender and annoyingly it has chosen the same channel as my neighbour.


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