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Region : Italy
Model : CPE210
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 1.2.1
ISP: Telecom

Hello everyone

I have two apartements set very near to each other and I have decided to use the pharos devices to bring the Internet of the first apartment and to the second one's.

Basically the internet bridge started in this way:

First CPE in the first apartment (on the balcony): Uses ACCESS POINT mode, connected at the port with a LAN cable which is connected to a router. So it's an Access Point who uses the LAN connection from the router and brought it at the second CPE

Second CPE in the second apartment (on the balcony, facing the first apartment): Uses BRIDGE (or CLIENT) mode to bring the Internet from the first CPE to an other router which is connected via LAN at the second CPE. The Router placed in the second apartment spread the WI-Fi connection over the whole place.

The problem occured a couple of mounths ago when I discovered that nothing works anymore.

Basically, If I set the ACCESS POINT mode in the first CPE which is connected at the router via LAN cable and the second CPE as a CLIENT/BRIDGE mode receiver the connection between the two CPE doesn't work at all.

Am I doing something wrong regarding the setting of the modes in the two CPE for allowing the internet to flow between the two Pharos devices? Because I don't really remeber how it was setted in the first place.

Also, since I really need the internet inside the second apartment I tought to use a BRIDGE/BRIDGE connection between the two pharos in this way:

First CPE in the first apartment in BRIDGE mode use the Wifi of a "Network wifi Mac" as an Access Point

Second CPE in the second apartment in BRIDGE mode use the wireless of the first CPE. A router is connected at the second CPE so the wi-fi can flow inside the whole apartment

Things work fine for a couple of weeks but in a random amount of time ( two weeks or two days) the internet between the two CPE just blocks. The internet in the first apartment works perfectly but the internet of the bridge between the two cpe just doesn't work at all.
I have tried anything. Changing ip of the cpe, rebooting the router or the modem itself inside the first apartment, restore the bridge mode in the two CPEs again, but nothing. Usually the signal between the two cpe is restored ( without do anything, I swear) in 24h.

I tought it is an ip conflict between some other device inside the first apartment but I have no clue about it. I even setted the modem to use a group of IPs from 190 to 240 and setted the two CPE with ip of 245 and 244 to avoid the, alleged, IP conflict.

I really need help to fix this because I have run out of options.

Thanks in advance