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    LB110 Bulbs Using 100% CPU of Router

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    Hello all,

    After connecting a TP-Link LB110 to my home network my internet connection failed almost immediately. I have managed to observe that the CPU usage on the router jumps up to 100% when the bulb has power. Has anyone else seen this happen?
    I am using a Vodafone Connect router which cannot be replaced. I have power cycled the router several times to no avail. When I turn off the bulb at the light switch the CPU usage drops to less than 10% and my internet connection returns, but the same thing happens again when I switch the light switch back on.
    I have 3 TP-Link smart plugs which have worked perfectly for over a year.

    Can anyone think of what the bulb is doing to cause the router to run out of processing power?

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    Can you see from router side about the flow generate by LB? How much is it?

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    Unfortunately the router becomes so slow it's unusable and it doesn't provide much information or logs anyway, all I can see is the bulb has 2 connections according to the NAT mapping table but I can't download the table to see what those connections are whilst the bulb is connected.I'm going to be trying it at someone else's house today with a Virgin Media router so I will report back with what happens.


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