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    Question TL-SG108E V2 loosing VLAN configuration

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    i'm using the switch for a while now, bought it in february 2017.
    I need the vlan for a sat-2-ip box that is broadcasting all the time and otherwise killing my wireless.

    I had a 5 Port Netgear Switch for years, but i needed more ports so i changed to the TP-Link.

    The thing is, from time to time it looses the configuration. Not everything, but 802.1Q VLAN PVID Setting and/or 802.1Q VLAN Configuration
    You can tell, because the wireless is useless, connected but no throughput. I went mad finding the issue the first time, only realising when the TV was not working.

    I can save the config, reboot / unpower, works properly. The switch is on 24/7, but even if it's powerless for a time, the config is saved.

    Anyone ever had such an issue? Or is my switch simply damaged.

    Kind regards and merry christmas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odin4242 View Post
    Anyone ever had such an issue?
    Could be the famous "Save Config" bug. In older firmware versions, "Save Config" works only if config is saved for the first time after a reboot. While settings can be changed, any "Save Config" after the first one didn't save the settings permanently, so after a reboot or power failure old settings are being loaded again.

    Fixed in this firmware version: http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....l=1#post211892

    Never mind that the firmware claims to be for HW V3, it also installs on HW V2 and even upgrades your switch to a V3.

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    Thanks, i updated to the Beta Firmware. Looks good for now, let's see


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