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    Unhappy TL-WA750RE Smartphone WiFi Not Working

    Model :



    Hardware Version : WA750RE v1 00000000(Beta)

    Firmware Version : 3.15.8 Build 150503 Rel.58022n (Beta)

    ISP : Meo Portugal

    Hello Everyone, hope you're great.

    I have config my Rage Extender TL-WA750RE, and when i turn on wifi and connect to the network, shows: Internet might not be available. Even when i go Google Chrome and type google dns, says i have no network.

    I have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Any solution to this?

    Thanks All!
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    Members p0et is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2017
    Is the connection between router and 750RE stable?

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    Yes. I used RJ45 Cable and made custom ip. DHCP Settings Off, and changed Wireless Security.

    Any Laptop that gets connected to 750RE has internet connection, if i connect my smartphone, says: Internet might not be available.

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    Hello P0et, yes i used RJ45 Cable with custom IP and DHCP Off the RE.

    If i have laptop connecting to RE Network they have Internet, meanwhile if i connect with smartphone, doesn't work or asks to insert credentials details.

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    Your smart phone connect to RE is able to login the interface of the Range Extender?
    What is the IP information that your smart phone obtained ?

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    Hello Lurvelly,

    When i connect my smart phone to the RE, won't ask for Login of RE Interface, shows up Notification saying: Internet may not be available.
    The IP Information is from my Router ( with Gateway

    Here's a sreenshot of it: https://i.imgur.com/igl5LvP.png

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    Members p0et is on a distinguished road
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    Aug 2017
    What about setting a static IP? Does it have another DHCP server in your network?

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    Hello All, no it doesn't have DHCP, only the router, RE is setting off.

    Here's some images of my network:


    More Info:
    • Wireless MAC FilteringIs Off

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    Bumping, still not resolved...


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