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    TL-SG1005D not working as desired

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    I have a very simple need out of this device and it isn't working. My current configuration is modem -> old router with wifi disabled: Port 1: Ooma Port 2: electrical company meter Port 3: ethernet cable that extends to my wireless router on the main floor. Technically I could wire it so the Ooma is between and acts essentially as an ethernet female to female connection and get rid of the meter (it is used to see real time electrical usage). I bought this unmanaged switch in hopes I would have it modem -> Switch: Port 1: ethernet from modem Port 2: Ooma, Port 3: meter Port 4: ethernet to router on main floor. When I do this, EVERYTHING dies behind the switch. From what I remember in my CCNA classes from 15 years ago, a switch is a smart hub. I know a hub would do the trick here so I do not understand why a switch doesn't work.

    Please help. Thank you!

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    You need to connect the switch to your router's LAN, not to the modem directly (if it is really a modem you are referring to).

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    Quote Originally Posted by R1D2 View Post
    You need to connect the switch to your router's LAN, not to the modem directly (if it is really a modem you are referring to).
    It is a modem, Moto Surfboard...16 something. I realize now I need a router in the middle. I am getting some an extra Ethernet cable to run back and forth. It will eliminate an extra jump by having only 1 router between my modem and end points.

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    My TL-SG1005D doesn't even get an ip

    I plug in this switch into my router in the fifth port and then connect a device to the switch. When I log in to my router settings and see what has been connected to it, I can see various devices of mine connected to it and their IP addresses, but I cannot see an IP address for the switch nor the device thats connected to the switch.
    It seems that the switch does not connect to the router.
    Please can someone help me get this to work?

    To let you know what I have:
    a Sky Q modem that only has two output ethernet ports (gigabit).
    Ethernet port 1: I have a TP-link outdoor wireless access point connect to one port (this device shows an IP as well as the doorbell that connects to the tp-link outdoor wireless access point.
    Ethernet port 2: I want to connect the Switch to this so that I can connect four devices using ethernet cables but I am failing miserably.


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