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    Lightbulb Smart lights with E14 fitting

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    Hello everybody,

    New here and new user of smart product from TP-Link. (And pretty exited about it)

    I use at the moment Smart plugs (2) and consider to buy smart bulb products . (And a Google Home when available in the Netherlands.)

    But i have some question about that.
    I need a smart bulb with an E27 fitting but also a smart bulb with an E14 fitting. (Small fitting)

    I'm searching for a TP-link bulb with E14 fitting, but found none.
    I know that Philips Hue and other manufactures has these E14 fittings but TP-link seems not.

    Is there already a smart bulb device with E14 fitting from TP-Link? If not, is TP-link develop a smart bulb with E14 fitting at the moment?

    Thanks in advance for the answer.

    Sorry for my English if it is poor. Not used to wright it down in English.


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    No, TP-Link has LB100/110/120/130/200/230 but none of them is E14


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