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    ER6120 static routes dos not work

    Model : ER6120

    Hardware Version : TL-ER6120 v2.0

    Firmware Version : 2.0.1 Build 20170609 Rel.58445

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hello there,

    We have a static routes configuration problem with 2 ER6120 V2 routers.

    Below are screenshots of static routes configuration, ping diagnostics and servers ping result:
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    All these static routes are "gateway" by a Debian OpenVPN servers, which works perfectly.

    For testing, we set up the OpenVPN server as default gateway and all works fine, but when we setup the ER6120 as default GW, all equipements in LAN can not ping static routes.
    It seems that the ER6120 does not apply these routes on LAN interface.

    We'he already reboot many times the router.

    Aditionnaly, we have 2 others routers (ER6120 V1) and all them works perfectly in this configuration. Only the V2 routers seem to not work.

    Is there a bug on the V2 firmware or is there any other configuration we missed ?

    Thanks for your help

    Best regards,
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    Hi dude, What's your topology look like? It's necessary to know the whole network before have a judge.

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    Hi Panda,

    and thank's for your answer.

    The topology don't matter, we've tested the static routes with simple network, and it doesn't work at all.

    We simply add a static route to the TPLink, and the routers does not make it's job.

    There's no VPN configured on the router, it's setup in very minimal config, we juste use it to routes the static ones.


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    Hi again Panda,

    below an image describes our network topology:
    Name:  TOPOLOGY.VPN.png
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    We have two other ER6120 routers V1 configured on the same way, and they work perfectly.

    Best regards,


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    Hi, I have used the follow network. PC1---TL-Er6120 V2 ---Internet---NAT---PC2.

    The static route destination IP is LAN of PC2, while the next hop is NAT device's WAN IP.
    I can PING from PC1 to PC2 because of the static route. So I think it can work in my topology.
    So maybe the problem is the Static route can't work with LAN interface? How did you do the sample test?

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    http://www.tp-link.com/en/download/T....html#Firmware I import the latest FW 180117 and it runs perfect for static routing


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