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    ER6120 Static Routes don't work

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    Hello there,

    we have 2 ER6120 routers, setup with few static routes that are not working.
    Both routeurs can "ping" external routes via the diagnostics intercaface, but all equipements plug to the LAN can not ping external routes.
    Static routes are "routed" by 2 Openvpn Linux servers and works well. If we setup these servers as default gateway, all routes works.

    We have two other ER6120 routers in V1 mode, and they worked perfectly. Only the V2 don't.

    Is there an addtionnal config to make on the V2 routers to active static routes ?

    Below screen shots of the configuration and tests:
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    Thanks for your idea or advices.

    Best regards,

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    Hi man, I have found the same issue and contact the TP-Link support Gays. They told me this problem will be fixed in the next version which will be published in days.
    I guess it will be a solution for you too.

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    http://www.tp-link.com/en/download/T....html#Firmware I import the latest FW 180117 and it runs perfect for static routing


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